This idea actually based off of a true story when an ex girlfriend asked me how the hobbit was going to carry all those things that he was offered.  The idea has stuck in my head for long times and finally i got it out in a comic that has gotten mixed reviews in my focus groups.

I think if i was to go back and rework I would have the orcs holding a gagged and bound frodo over their shoulder while examining the weapons.  also i think i should have increased the saturation and values of the weapons to make them pop more in the last panel.  but i’m doing these in forward progress,  when they are done they are done.  in the original sketch it was a 4 panel script with a panel right before the punchline with the rest of the party chilling in a inn wondering how the hobbit was doing on his adventure.  but i felt that was repeating the punchline and removed that.  but now i wonder if that would have made the joke more clear.  Oh well!  Moving on