Well Here we are,  The launch of Coffee Outlaws.

I hope going forward you guys get some chuckles out of this.


A bit about me,  my name is Tracy(i’m a dude), and when I was young i wanted to make comic books.  I read up on my favorite artists and how they were made, I purchased giant sheets of bristol board and inkwells and brushes and pens.. and i was terrible.  So i did what anyone would do and I gave up.

Eventually I got into 3d art and became an environment artist in the video game industry.  But every few years I have this itch to get back into trying comics.  Well this year I did it  but since its now the future I’m doin this junk digital and on the webs.  The ideas seem to be the hard part, and most of them pop in my head during lunch breaks with my best bro Justin Meisse(names may have been changed to protect the innocent).  And other bros of varying lesser significance.

So one weekend I cranked up photoshop and got down to it!